Summer Reading Program

Registration for the summer reading program is now open.

For every 180 minutes per week a child reads by themselves or with a parent/guardian he/she will be able to pick a prize from the treasure chest. You log these minutes into our online tracker, but paper reading records are available to help with this process. Children do not need to come in every week, only as convenient to you.

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Online Reading Tracker: Use this to log in your minutes

Online Calendar: Use this to sign up for events

Board and Budget Vote

Voting will be on September 4, 2014 from 4-8pm in the library. Absentee ballot applications are available. These must be received by 4pm on September 3rd.

The proposed budget increase of $7,935 is apportioned as follows: 3% for building/utilities expenses, 5% for various operational expenses, and 5% for staff expenditures. Staff expenditures include a 2% cost of living increase and support extra hours for a high-school page to support the front desk staff.

Funding the proposed budget requires a tax increase of 4.05%.  An owner of a $200,000 home would expect an increase of about $2.62. 2015 Proposed Budget

There are two positions available on the board. The candidates running for reelection to the board are Robert Hoffman and Abby Gross.